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1. Oh my sweet Lord, I haven't posted since September 2010. Nooo! I've really been neglecting the whole "maintain a web presence in order to shamelessly pimp let people know about the webcomic once we've actually got it up and running and any other projects." Time to friend/add people!

2. That webcomic mentioned in my first entry is still a thing. Still very much a thing. Our fabulous artist, Kristen, has a full and busy life and she's juggling lots of projects. But it's definitely happening.

The comic itself? It's a buddy show, in webcomic form, about rebel fantasy creatures living on a dystopian world. IN SPAAAACE. The buddies are a drug-addicted manwhore elf and a neurotic merman who can't swim. If you like your buddy stories homoerotic as all get-out, than boy, do we have the webcomic for you. Eventually.

3. In the meantime, here, have one of Kristen's drawings of one of our supporting characters, Carmen:

under the cut )

4. One of Kristen's other projects is blogging about food politics -- eating locally, farming ethically, that kind of thing -- at Change.org. You can find her posts here.

5. I submitted a script to the Nickolodeon Writing Fellowship. If I get in, I get staffed on a TV show. They only pick four people a year. Ulp.


Sep. 11th, 2010 07:45 pm
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Just got back from my very first time at SPX, where I was shamelessly pimping passing out a free two-page preview for the webcomic I'm working on with Kristen Ridley, Pointy-Eared Bastards. (Wow. It feels weird to type the title out like that. Holy shit, we're actually doing this! This is actually happening!)

Here's the image from the cover of our promo. I love the facial expressions Kristen gave them. :D

Saw Kate Beaton read some of her strips out loud at the Carousel panel, briefly stammered talked to Monica Gallagher, and met some really fabulous people like [livejournal.com profile] pollums! (Polly, thank you for the picture of Sherlock Holmes with a cat on his head. My life is complete. ♥)

Also, my dear friend Katie, who was sweet enough to accompany me, was also sweet enough to buy me Henry & Glenn Forever. Their love brings a tear to my eye.

Pointy-Eared Bastards' site is up! We're "coming soon" at the moment, but keep checking back.

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